Understanding E-Waste

Electronic Waste or E-waste is the discarded electronic units or products which are regarded as unwanted and obsolete and has reached the end of its work-life. Also, the used electronics which can be reused, salvaged, resold,  or recycled are also considered as E-Waste.


Its all about what we do


We recycle all kinds of electronic devices – Monitors, laptops, cell phones, printers, Fax machine, hard drives, and household appliances such as TV, Washing machine, Fridge, ACs etc.


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EPR Assistance

We can become your partner in sharing EPR by complying to the norms of E-Waste Management Rules 2016.


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We bring about safe data cleaning and sanitization process for effective destruction of the data which enables the maintenance of confidentiality of the data.

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Logistics and Warehousing

We collect materials from our Dealers for Enterprise and send them to our common warehouses. Post-consolidation, we bring it to our Plant in Bengaluru for recycling.

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Lifecycle of E-Waste