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E waste

Asset Management - Data wiping and Data Erasure

Refrigeration and AC- Recycling

Integrated Waste management.

Goals :

“ Coral wishes to build a healthy, successful company that is a leader and Part of the Green revolution and has respect with their customers”

Mechanical Machinery:

We do have the following Machines which are developed indigenously by our engineers and directors bringing in their vast experience in the field of e waste and metals. We have:

1) PCB Shredder

2) De Inking for cartridges

3) CRT cutting machine

4) CFL and Other Bulb Crushing Machine

5) Cable Stripping Machine

6) De soldering Guns,

7) Refrigerant recycling unit

8) Copper recycling unit.

9) Plasma cutters

E waste Recycling Approach:

Recycling Stage Steam Process Level

(1) Collection Device Manual Regional or National

(2) Sorting/dismantling Device Manual Regional or National

(3) RecyclingMechanical processing ( Shredding) Device Mechanical Regional or National

(4) Refining/Recover (Endprocessing) Material Chemical Global


Collection generally takes place at a regional or national level and is achieved through take-back programs sponsored by retails and manufacturers of electronics, municipal drop-off collection centers, and non-profit and for-profit collection programs. There are many different entities which collect e-scrap for recycling, ranging from local municipal governments, to large waste management companies.

Sorting/Dismantling and Mechanical Processing:

Sorting, dismantling and pre-processing generally takes place at a regional level or national level, and has the end goal of separating device streams into material streams, primarily metals, glass and plastics, for end-processing. The goal of this stage is to upgrade the valuable material content, and remove and safely dispose of hazardous. It should be noted that the optimal level of pre-processing is dictated by the quality of feed requirements for end-processing. Excessive pre-processing not only adds cost, but also may lead to significant losses of precious metals. Therefore there is an optimal level of preprocessing that needs to be achieved. Off: No. 211, 2nd Floor, Commerce House, Cunningham Road, Bangalore - 560052 Factory: C-52 and K-8 , KIADB Industrial Estate, Hoskote, Bangalore Rural - 562114 Ph: 080- 411146603, 1800 202 8155, Web: www.coralwaters.in


End-processing takes place at a global level and is dictated by the material stream. The goal of this step is to recover valuable components (i.e. precious metals) and remove impurities. Sampling and assaying is necessary in order to determine the composition and content of precious metals in the e-waste stream, and to ensure that the optimum process is used to recover precious metals.


One of the large companies in Karnataka having Authorisation from "Karnataka Pollution Control" with end to end licenses. We have two facilities covering an area of more than 30,000 sq,ft, with Mechanical Machines thus reducing the need for a large labor force working in Hazardous areas. Coral Recyclers are a group of young entrepreneurs with vast experience in the area of recycling.


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